Training Dates

Term 3 classes for new members are full - Our next term (term 3) for new members begins July 2023. For agility dogs must be over 12 months.

New members to enrol in our training classes please complete our membership form and pay via paypal (we are cash free). Once membership form is completed you will automatically be enrolled for our next term of training starting July 2023. Members returning for another term of training please complete our Lighting Fees Form and pay via paypal.

Please refer to Membership & lighting fees for costs and Membership and Enrolments on what to bring to class.





Term 1

 9th October - 4th December 2022 11th October - 6th December 2022 Completed

Term 2

6th February - 3rd April 2023 8th February - 5th April 2023 Classes Full 

Term 3

1st May - 26th June 2023 26th April - 28th June 2023 Classes Full

Term 4

17th July - 18th September 2023 19th July - 20th September 2023

Enrolments Now Open 

Agility Training Term Three


Monday Nights - Harold Rossiter Park - Agility training for all levels.

Session times are 6:45 - 8:30pm for all classes - Everyone is expected to help with set-up & pack up
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details

Next series events

The series of events starts on 01.05.2023 and ends on 26.06.2023.

Location information

Harold Rossiter Park

6151 Kensington
Western Australia

Term Dates

Obedience Terms

  Term Dates 2023
Term 2 Wednesday 8th February - Wednesday 5th April
Term 3 Wednesday 26th April - Wednesday 28th June
Term 4 Wednesday 19th July - Wednesday 20st September
Term 1 Wednesday 11th October - Wednesday 6th December


Agility Terms 

 Term Dates 2023
Term 2 Monday 6th February - Monday 3rd April
Term 3 Monday 1st May - Monday 26th June
Term 4 Monday 17th July - Monday 18th September
Term 1 Monday 9th October - Monday 4th December 

* Current Term - Classes Full 

Enrolment Dates

Term 3 classes are full.

Please complete our Membership Form to enrol in Term 4 which begins July 2023.


Training Updates

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