1. A membership form must be completed and all membership fees and lighting fees where applicable paid online prior to commencing training.
  2. PTODC Inc. GOVID-19 Guidelines
  3. Your dog must be up to date with Vaccinations:
    • Vaccination Certificates
    • Vet letters confirming vaccination
    • Vet letters confirming results from Titre testing are high enough to not need vaccinating
  4. Dogs are never to be mistreated, manhandled or hit under any circumstance – this is not only a club rule but is against the law & a reportable offence.
  5. Children are welcome (must be accompanied by adult) & supervised at all times – children need to be 12 years or older to handle dog during training
  6. Dogs 13 weeks and older are welcome at our classes.
  7. No Bitches in season to be brought to any of the Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club’s training grounds.
  8. Do not bring dogs to training that are sick (coughing, vomiting, diarrhoea) or injured – or where training might aggravate a recent injury – PLEASE leave them home.
  9. Always clean up after your dog, there are poo bags available so please ask.
  10. Enclosed shoes to be worn to training – thongs will NOT be accepted in class.
  11. Appropriate Owner/Handler Equipment to be used on dogs at all times:
    • All equipment must be in good working order
    • Fixed (soft leather, material) collars, limited slip collars, martingales, harnesses
    • Cotton webbing leads or leather leads at least 90cm in length bearing in mind longer leads need to adhere to the bylaws of the Victoria Park Council (this may mean leads shouldn’t exceed 120 cm – or in cases that they do the dog could be considered to be in breach of the by-laws
    • Use of prong, choker, shock, choker chain collars will NOT be accepted in class
    • Use of Flexi, extender/retractable, chains or leads that contain chain & pieces of rope (i.e. rope you buy from the hardware store knotted to the dogs collar) will NOT be accepted in class
  12. ALL dogs must be under control and supervised at all times whilst on all of Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club’s training grounds. This is for the safety of dogs that are tethered and any members of the public that are on the training grounds as they are public parks.
    • Dogs must be on lead at all times
    • If dogs are doing off lead work you as the owner of the dog take full responsibility for the control of the dog while it is off lead and ultimately the decision to let your dog off lead is your choice.
Should you have any feedback, issues or concerns with instructors, other members or dogs please see the Trainer or email us on Please remember to report any incidents that happen at training to a Perth Training & Obedience Dog Club trainer immediately.

Obedience Classes

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0417 916 011

Victoria Park, Western Australia


Classes held:

Agility – Monday Evening

Obedience – Wednesday Evening

Starting from 7.00pm

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