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Monday Night | Harold Rossiter Park


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Agility Classes

Monday Nights – Harold Rossiter Park – Agility training for all levels.

Session times are 7:00 – 9:00 pm for all classes – Everyone is expected to help with set-up & pack up

Enrolments for our agility classes are open before the start of each term until the classes are full. 

New members to enrol in our training classes please complete our membership form and pay via paypal. Once membership form is completed you will be enrolled to start in our next term of training. See Training Dates for further information.

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For training bring things that your dog likes, for example food and a toy to reinforce your dog’s behaviour, a bumbag for food treats, water and a water bowl.

Detailed information for enrolments is on the Join Us page

What You’ll Learn

Agility is a fun sport you can share with your dog. It is rare to see a dog that, once it is trained, does not love doing agility.

Agility is a sequence of obstacles, which the dog and handler must try and negotiate without fault within a standard course time. It is a team sport where you are in charge of the strategy and your dog is responsible for the athleticism. Dogs leap over hurdles, power through tunnels, zip through slalom of upright poles and scale ramps of different sizes. The aim is to find the balance between the control of the dog and the speed of the performance. Scoring is based on faults, similar to equestrian show jumping. A dog that completes the obstacles correctly within the set time will earn a Clear Round. Dogs earn titles when they achieve a set number of clear rounds.

PTODC conducts courses that offer you and your dog a structured introduction to the fun sport of agility in an environment that is both safe and fun. All courses will be based on positive training methods. Our agility classes are held in Victoria Park on a Monday Evening starting from 6.45 pm at Harold Rossiter Park.

The classes will give you:

  • The knowledge and skills needed to educate your dog using positive reinforcement
  • Handling skills required to navigate your dog around an agility course
  • A better relationships with your dog

Your dog will have fun and learn:

  • How to learn
  • Basic foundation behaviours needed to perform the obstacles

All levels are catered for from beginners to competitive level dogs.


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Monday Nights 

Harold Rossiter Park



During the hotter months, training will be cancelled if the temperature is 35 degrees or over at 5pm.

Rain – As agility obstacles become slippery in the wet , training is generally cancelled if it is raining for the safety of the dogs. Subscribe to training updates below or check our facebook page for updates.


We do not train in thunderstorms, lightning, high winds or heavy rain.

Please check our website, our facebook page or subscribe to our email list for training updates.


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Classes held:

Agility – Monday Evening

Obedience – Wednesday Evening

Starting from 7.00pm

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