Your yearly membership includes both Obedience & Agility (must be over 12 months for agility) classes you just pay an additional lighting fee (per Term) for each venue & for each dog.

If you have any concerns about joining or would like to ask some questions before joining please Contact Us.


Membership Prices

All memberships are due for renewal in October (except if you joined in Term 4 you membership is valid until the next financial year).
Yearly Membership Fee
Lighting Fee per Term

Single (One person/one dog)



Joint (see below)


$20.00 per dog & handler team


Joint Membership:

  • 2 people 1 dog
  • 2 people 2 dogs from the same household
  • 1 person 2+ dogs from the same household (Only 1 lighting fee of $20 would apply - This only applies to Agility as you can have 1 handler and multiple dogs. At Obedience all dogs must have a handler.
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