Here are some common questions about PTODC.


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How do I register for classes

👉To attend our classe you need to become a member of our club. Our membership form is available online. When registereing please select whether you would like to attend obedience, agility or both to enrol in our next term of training.

For further information on the next term starting date please see our Training Dates page.

Please note that for the well-being of the other dogs in the club, your dog must be vaccinated to attend class.

For further information, please see our Join Us page.

How much do training classes cost

👉The cost is an annual Membership fee; we do not charge on a ‘per class’ basis.

Single membership costs $60 per year and a joint membership costs $80.00 per year.

We also charge an additional $20 lighting fee per term per venue.

For further details, please see our Membership page.

Where and when does training take place

👉Obedience training takes place 7.15pm Wednesday eveningsat Rapheal Park, Victoria Park.

Agility training takes place 7.00 pm Monday evenings at Harold Rossiter Park, Victoria Park

Classes are held during the school terms, with a breack over the school holidays.

For further details, please see our events page.

Can I enrol for classes at the venue

👉 Enrolments are via online registration only with payment via PayPal. A copy of your registration will be sent to your email address.

An email will then be sent with further information about what to bring to class closer to the start of the Term.

What training methods do you use

👉Our main objective is to assist members to have well-socialised, well-mannered dogs. We use non-forceful methods and positive reinforcement. We focus on teaching you to build a strong relationship with your dog based on leadership, trust and cooperation using science based techniques that work in the real world. 

How do I pay for classes

👉 All payments are online via PayPal. All payments are made online before attending class.

We do not accept cash during the class

What is the lighting fee

👉We train outside at night and charge $20 per term to cover the cost of lighting at our venues.


How many terms can I attend

👉You can attend as many classes and terms as you like during the membership year. You just have to pay an additional $20 per term lighting fee.

What age must my dog be to attend classes

👉Dogs can start Obedience from 12 weeks of age and there is no upper age limit. A current vaccination certificate, must be provided.

Dogs can start Agility from 12 months of age and there is no upper age limit. A current vaccination certificate, must be provided.

Do you train in all weather conditions

👉 No our classes are held outside we don’t train:

  • If the temperature is 35 degrees or over at 5pm on training nights.
  • If there are thunderstorms, lightning, high winds or heavy rain.
  • If there is a road weather alert

Rain – As agility obstacles become slippery in the wet, agility training is cancelled if it is raining. Obedience training goes ahead unless as mentioned above.

Training cancellations are posted on our FaceBook Page and if you subscribe to our training updates email list you will be emailed about cancellations.

Still Got Questions?

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0417 916 011

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Classes held:

Agility – Monday Evening

Obedience – Wednesday Evening

Starting from 7.00pm

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